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Glow Plugs and Automotive Heaters for Original Equipment and Aftermarket

We are glow plugs manufacturer. Our glow plugs (and heater plugs) are completely designed and produced in our production plant, located in Corneliano d'Alba, where we have the newest machines and a technical team with fifteen years experience designing and manufacturing diesel glow plugs. Our glow plugs are the results of a long and intensive work in research in mechanics, metallurgy, and electrical engineering, to constantly improve the product quality, performance and range. We use the best alloys available on the market or produced specifically on our own design. Our products are designed, produced and tested according to a very high certificated quality standard. 100% of our products are double tested by two automatic in line machines powered by optical pyrometers, while each batch must pass very hard lifespan tests according to engine manufacturers testing protocols. We produce single filament and double filament glow plugs in a wide range of over 390 models, from old QGS glow plug to the last 3,5mm japanese glow plug, from the old europen to the last low voltage and istant heating glow plug, each item has identical dimension as the original equipment and is manufactured according to our manufacturing process and patents. Our main focus is lifespan, we design our glow plugs to last in time, and thanks to our technology we can meet this goal together with an impressive fast heating time.
We can also develope custom projects. If you need a special glow plug or heating resistor, we can develop a custom project to fit your needs, just contact a technician, we will let you know if it can be done.
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