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Led bulbs are made using LED clusters and resisting circuits. The bulbs can fit into any standard bulb socket, our led bulbs are developed in cooperation with our supplier, and after a couple of years of hard work we're very proud to affirm we are actually supplying a very good quality product with superior performance. Main features and vantage of the led bulbs in opposition to the standard bulbs are: extremly low ampere absorption, very long lifespan, possibility of a strong control over light color, directional light stream. For these reasons led bulbs are ideal for some applications, such as: earth moving machines, high mileage vehicles, motorbikeswith very small batteries, boats, caravans, and any kind of application where durability, strenght and low absorpion are mandatory. Led bulbs cannot accomplish E mark omologation for on road vehicles, so please check your country laws before fit the led bulbs on on road vehicles. For a full documentation about sockets and plugs check Plugs guide for Lamps and Led
12/24V LED Bulbs
12/24V LED Bulbs
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