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Certifications and Awards
We are manufacturer for glow plugs, thermostarters, solenoids. We are also distributor for electric fuel pumps, air flow meters, bulbs, led bulbs, hid kits and bulbs and more. This is the certifications and awards section, where we list management system and product conformity to regulations, laws and standards, or simply awards achieved
ISO 9001:2015 Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified.
Homologations Our products have the homologations needed in the destination markets. In details incandescent and halogen lamps and warning triangles are supplied with E1, E9, E2, E13, E4 marks based on the item supplied. Homologation number is marked on each piece and certifications are available upon request.
EN471 compliance All our warning jackets meet EN471 regulation, class 2. The certification is inside each jacket package.
Russian Technical Regulation All our glow plugs are certified by Russian Technical Regulation certificate, very important to deal with Russian market.
RoHS compliance All our products meet the RoHS requirements, a certification can be given upon request.

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